What’s the average age of these used Engines?

These Engines are dismantled from 10 to 15 years old vehicles.

How's the quality and condition of used scooters?

We have all types of scooters from used ones "As is" basis to completely overhauled & reconditioned. For more details please visit our "Used Scooters" page.

Are these Engines procured from government auctions and accident cars?

The used engines are from mostly scraped and discarded cars and some are from othersources such as accident cars and auctions.

What is the name of loading port in Taiwan?

We mostly ship from " Keelung" port in northern Taiwan and sometimes from the Kaohsiung port in southern Taiwan.

Is it OK to order minimum quantity for small parts such as Starters, Alternators & Compressors?

Yes it is ok to order small parts in less quantity as they can be shipped in a loose container.

I would like to buy one unit of engine, can you ship it overseas?

We only ship used engines in a full container load considering the difficult packing , labor cost and shipping cost.

Where and how can I apply for Taiwan visa?

For Taiwan visa information please visit our "Information Center" section or click here.

I would like to visit Taiwan to see your yard and to check the quality ofthe engines, will that be ok?

We always welcome our potential buyers to visit Taiwan to have better understanding of the quality of goods and other important issues.

Can you supply used Korean car engines from Taiwan?

No, the Korean cars entered Taiwan market only few years ago and haven' reached the dismantling age yet.

How’s the quality of these Engines, Are they as good as the ones from Japan?

Taiwan used engines can not be compared with ones from Japan as these are used for abut 10 or more years but they are cheaper in prices, We do the rotation test and make sure that all the parts are installed on the engines and no part is missing.

Do you have more diesel Engines or Gasoline?

We have both types of Engines.

What kind of Transmissions do these Engines have?

We have both types available , engines with manual transmissions and engines with automatic transmissions.

Beside Japanese Engines do you also sell American and European automobile engines and parts?

We mostly sell Japanese Automobile engines and parts and very few European and American models. Some of those non-Japanese brands are Mercedez, Volkswagen and Opel.