About Us

Numa International Co.,Ltd is an International Marketing and procurement division of SL Auto Parts which established in 1983 and during last twenty year has became top importer and exporter of used and new auto parts in Taiwan.With total 5 huge ware-houses in Japan and Taiwan we always have stock of thousands of auto engines of various types in hand to keep up with the demand of local as well as International buyers.Besides having our own yards we also have strong partnership with all major suppliers of used and new auto parts from Taiwan which enable us to better fulfill the demand of our customers. We have won the trust of our buyers through our hard work and by providing quality service and products.

As we are committed to further expand our business operations we are exploring new markets and will welcome business partners from around the world.

We are engaged in the import and export of mostly Japanese automobiles Engines and parts. We are also expanding our business further with the export of used automobiles, Scooters as well as new and reconditioned auto parts of various types such as Steering Racks, power pumps , auto electric system parts and suspension parts.

Our goal is to supply quality goods to our customers to ensure a long term business for mutual benefit.

Call us now on 03-3313859 or Fax us on 03-3319668. Click here to contact us online.